Friday, January 21, 2011

New early Byzantines in prospect

This, my most unloved blog, hasn't see a post for three years, largely because I was unhappy with the figures available for the middle Byzantine period.  Now, however, Musketeer Miniatures have announced that they will be doing a range of Early Byzantines to match their Goths.  This is very good news indeed as whilst there have been quite horrific delays in their Great Northern War figures the Goths and Early Saxons were delivered pretty quickly. 

Now I don't expect these any time soon but it is a Dark Ages army that I would be very interested in building.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Byzantine Archers

I finished eight Crusader archers today; my first Byzantine figures since August 2006! Very easy to paint (which actually means I was more slapdash than usual!) although rather chunkier than I like. I think I have a pack of cavalry to paint somewhere so maybe I'll do those next. The LBMS buckler transfers help a lot!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to Byzantines

I haven't posted anything here for nearly eighteen months and haven't painted anything for even longer than that but, when looking at the Crusader Publishing site yesterday, I noted that they are planning to do some Byzantine Allies in the future. I like what Mark Sims is doing with the Punic Wars; turning out enough packs of what most people think of as subsidiary nations to actually form an army and hope that he will take the same approach with Byzantines.

So I went straight home and got out my pack of Crusader unarmoured Byzantine archers, which I had already based and undercoated. A couple of hours and I had all the base colours down. This morning I added the sand to the base ready to paint the base this evening or tomorrow (as I am out to dinner!). Some of the Crusader figures, these included, are rather small for 28s and certainly they are tiny next to the Gripping Beast ones (see two posts ago) but they are really easy and quick to paint (unlike GB) and I know that they look much better painted. I should really be going for GB as their figures are more detailed but they changed scales half way through the range which was really annoying. Also Crusader do nice Normans, Spanish and Vikings which can be used as Normans in Italy.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Someone has just asked on TMP what a GB Byzantine looks like on an A&A horse. So here it is.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Archer Comparison: Gripping Beast and Crusader

Inspired by the man from Battlegames I have brought the remainder of the Byzantine unit forward on my workbench, now that my first unit of Sudan Beja are finished (although I am still working on the Mahdi!).

I bought a small group of Crusader Archers off Mark Sims on e-bay to see what they are like. As you can see they are very short and stocky compared with the GB ones. Not compatible at all for me. I will probably paint them up and sell them on e-bay unless someone at Guildford wants them.
Standard Bearer

The second figure is finished. Not bad: two figures in nine months! Maybe I don't love them! The figures are a bit basic. Interestingly, I have painted 8 Carolingians in the last six weeks so obviously enjoy painting them more.

I have just read issue 3 of Battlegames where a rather pompous man is showing off that he painted a whole Byzantine army in a month!

This GB figure has a huge nose and looks rather like Parker from Thunderbirds, I think...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Spear Colours

I have always painted my spears plain brown (based largely on the handle of my garden rake!) but a post today on The Minatures Page got me thinking about it and I found this photograph in Kim Siddorn's book Viking Weapons and Warfare. A fair old collection of shades and I think I might mix them up a bit and go rather yellower as a result.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Completed Figure

Here is the first Gripping Beast infantryman. Not bad to paint although the lamellar armour was a little indistinct and I am not happy with it on this one which was done under artificial light. Hopefully the next one will be a bit better. The Little Big Man studios shield transfer is wonderful, of course.